Google Patents New Tech That Gives You Super Powers

The future may just have got one step closer with Google’s most recent patent application. Reports have revealed that the internet giant is planning to develop a computer that can be – wait for it – injected into your eyeballs to give you super powers. The patent request shows plans for a device that would stick into people’s eyes and correct their sight, but with some added extras, reports The Independent.



According to the patent, other possible functions include storage, a radio and lenses – all powered using an energy-gathering antenna that would allow it to connect to other devices.


Google’s previous attempts at an eye-linked computer – Google Glass spectacles – ran into problems and is currently undergoing relaunch.


However, according to Tech Insider, since then patents have appeared to show that Google is making steps to place technology onto the eyeball itself.


In 2014, the company filed a patent for smart contact lenses that could display information and monitor their wearer’s glucose levels.

However, it’s a sad fact that most technology patents never make it to market, so the injectable eye computer could never actually happen and we’ll just have to make do with our boring normal eyes.


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